CUTGroup Detroit

CUTGroup Detroit

The Civic User Testing Group (CUTGroup) is a community of residents who get paid to test civic websites and apps.

Developers: get free focus groups

Building applications to make lives better for residents of Detroit is no easy task. You might have a great concept, but no real sense of how people might use your application. You might have an amazing start to an application, but no one can figure out how to use it. Getting meaningful feedback from actual users can be a time consuming, challenging process.

The city of Detroit is developing a community of testers who want to hear from you and give you feedback.

We will work with you to design a usability test, choose a group for testing, and help run the session at a public computer center or community technology center in a Detroit neighborhood. There is no cost to developers for this service and it provides a way for developers to directly engage with the community with their apllications, which will lead to the development of better technology.

The results of CUTGroup testing will be published, so that we can all learn from each other's work. We'll document our sessions, respecting the privacy of CUTGroup members while making sure we can all learn from what they have to say.

Engaging with the tester’s from the city to gain feedback on applications that will directly benefit the community is a positive for both the city of Detroit and for developers. From the feedback, developers will be able to modify their applications to meet the needs of the general public, which will benefit citizens greatly.

If you are developer and interested in FREE usability testing, please sign-up below and thank you for supporting CUTGroup Detroit!

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