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City of Detroit Dangerous Buildings
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This map show the location of buildings the city has deemed dangerous, those approved by City Counsel for demolition, and where demolition is completed.

Accessing Property Information

Click on a marker to get more information about a specific property. Zoom in to see the parcel boundaries of individual properties.

Address Lookup

To search for a specific property, use the Search Bar..


To filter the properties by status, go to the Options Menu.


To report a dangerous building or provide general feedback, use the Feedback Form.

Data Source

Records are from BSEED's database and were matched to parcels by Data Driven Detroit. Approximately 3% of records could not be matched due to several factors, including obsolete parcel numbers and address errors. Records that could not be associated with a parcel are not shown.

Please use the feedback form to alert BSEED to any properties that should be included in this tool.

Select a property for additional information.

Click on a site to find out more.

Adjust the options or use the search to explore further.

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